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Hello, we are Baatein Ankaheesi

Baatein Ankaheesi is Developed by Jayesh Betala and Proudly Powered by Xandora

Strangers Meetups


We host open-for-all meetups by partnering with Café’s, to create a safe space and bring together people who have something to say allowing them to vent out their feelings in sessions lasting up to 3 hours. No intentions. No strings. Just a room with a couple of strangers, offering a piece of themselves in exchange for a piece of you.

Support Group


Our mental health support group programs are aimed at creating a platform for individuals experiencing psychological and emotional difficulties to TALK, GROW, and HEAL together. A space where you meet souls who will make you hungry for life, touch your heart and nourish your soul. Because YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

Peer Advocacy


We collaborate with schools - colleges - other institutions, to conduct lectures/seminars/workshops addressing issues that students face; such as mental health, safe touch - unsafe touch, peer pressure. Our sessions are curated to indulge students in an atmosphere of comfort where they feel heard, believing, every concern is a big concern and they matter.

Mental Health Campaign

We create and design campaigns that are purpose-driven, aimed at starting conversations around ‘Mental Health,’ that goes beyond just creating an awareness and encourages our audiences to validate their negative emotions and navigate their positive ones, for a healthier and happier mind.

One-to-one Counselling through Referral Program

Through our referral program, we get you connected to professionals and organizations for affordable and quality therapy services.

Webinars on Mental Health Wellness


We organize and conduct webinars on the importance of mental health wellness and ways in which individuals can take little steps to enhance their emotional and psychological wellbeing in their day to day lives. Our webinars are altered according to the needs and requirements of our attendees, to ensure that the sessions are about what they want to hear and not about what we have to say. All our sessions conclude with 30 mins of anonymous Q and A, allowing the participants to put across questions and discuss struggles, they wouldn’t normally disclose. It also enables them to get a taste of counseling and encourages them to reach out for help if necessary.

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