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Hello, we are Baatein Ankaheesi

Baatein Ankaheesi is Developed by Jayesh Betala and Proudly Powered by Xandora

From the founder

- Ayusha Bhajanka

"Expressing feelings to friends, family and loved ones; the way they are, makes us vulnerable to rejection and judgement, which isn’t just disempowering, but erodes our self-esteem and alters decision-making ability. To avoid having to face such vulnerablity we often bury away our emotions while it subconsiously digs a burrial inside of us. However, with a group of strangers this vulnerablity shrinks allowing one to rant carelessly and unbottle the bottled.”

Things Unsaid

It is inspired by the concept of Support groups that exist all over the World, which is a platform for people dealing with similar experiences to come, share, validate feelings and grow, Together.


To reach out to maximum people suffering the gasps of vulnerability and normalize communication. By making conversations they would not normally have access to.


To create a safe space for dialog where every thing about life is discussed openly challenging stigma and stereotypes, accessible to all.

How Baatein Ankaheesi Began?

Baatein Ankaheesi is an initiative curated by Ayusha Bhajanka, a student of Bachelor’s in Social Work from College of Social Work Nirmala Niketan. “As a growing child, confused teenager and lost adolescent, I’ve always wished for a space where I could be myself and talk about the things that matter or don’t. The millenials are devoid of introspection and solitude, in such an era a concept such as Baatein Ankaheesi provides for the fecilitation of bottled emotions.

Why Baatein Ankaheesi?


Experiences of other people help us heal the most and sometimes just knowing that you’re not the only one helps.
It’s not about the people listening to you, it’s about you listening to yourself.
Strangers don’t affect your life.

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